We not only execute but we plan and create a vision of execution. A successful marketing strategy is only successful when it’s executed by those who it is envisioned by.

Michael Dallas-Petersen

Michael Dallas-Petersen is a Canadian entrepreneur, father, and husband based in Summerland, British Columbia. Michael is a highly sought after automation and systems specialist helping online entrepreneurs scale their offers/businesses with world class systems, automations and delegation. Michael Dallas-Petersen is the founder of Memberz.io and Social AiM Solutions LTD. Michael has been featured in several media outlets such as The New York Weekly, International Business Times, FOX, Kivo Daily, Yahoo Finance, Thrive, Disrupt Magazine, Accesswire and Issue Wire.

Trevor Hassel

Who is Trevor Hassel? He is an American entrepreneur, investor, and travel enthusiast who specializes in building businesses. After receiving multiple degrees in Human Communications, Trevor joined Social Aim Solutions in 2020 and prides himself on accelerating the value of his clients businesses through strong SOP's and Communication. Primarily focusing on operations within the business, Trevor is guaranteed to find something in your business that needs improvement.

Steven Castronova

Who is Steven Castronova? He is an American entrepreneur, investor, and travel enthusiast who specializes in building businesses. After working in the corporate world for 13 years, Steven Decided to adventure into the entrepreneurship utilizing his operational knowledge and communication skills to help businesses understand processes and procedures are the core of building a solid foundation. Steven loves to set goal and expectation to help entrepreneurs reach higher levels.

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Our Short History

Social AiM Solutions LTD. was created in 2017 by Michael Dallas-Petersen. It started of helping small businesses and agencies source, interview, train, and monitor virtual assistants to help buy back their time in business and personal life.

Since then they have expanded into many spaces including, Patreon, Discord, Course Creation, Systems, Automations, Delegation, Media Buying, and Standard Operating Procedures.

Social AiM Solution's aim has always stayed true. They aim to help their clients buy back their time so they can continue doing what their good at while delegating the rest.