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It is official… Wall Street has given up on Tesla stock. It is officially just doom and gloom around Tesla. You can get Tesla shares today in 2019 for lower than in 2014! Let’s have a serious discussion about this.

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Well guys here today, I want to go ahead and have a serious discussion about Tesla stock. And the fact is, if you were buying Tesla shares here today, you are buying them at a lower price than you could have. even five years ago, five years ago, you could have paid about $229 a share here today, if you buy in, you buy in for about $218.

And I hear some, you know, trolls out there some short saying why you want to even be in the stock like Tesla, what a garbage stock that is, it hasn’t moved in five years, it is down. Why would you even want to buy into that? As you guys know, over the past several months, I’ve been plowing a lot of money into Tesla shares.

And so it’s a fair statement. Like, why is that smart? Or something like that? Well, here’s the first thing you got to understand, okay. It doesn’t matter where a stock has been. It matters where a stock is going. If you’re buying stock a you know, XYZ today, it matters where that stock goes over the next 510 years, not where it was at last five or 10 years.